Transforming the way people work

Visma Machine Learning dramatically reduces the time spent on routine tasks, and lets our customers focus on the important things. Our products save people many hours of data entry into accounting systems which directly translates into cost savings for companies and helps them to become paperless.

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Let our numbers speak for us

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We simplify and automate accounting workflows

Data entry is one of the big time sinks in business processes.

With Smartscan we're eliminating most of this work for document handling.

With AutoSuggest we're dramatically simplifying the decisions you need to make in the accounting workflow.

Leading machine learning solutions


Industry leading OCR and Data Capture API for scanning and extracting information from invoices and receipts.


The process toolkit for your workflows and tasks. Simple-to-use prediction engine for scanned invoices and bank transactions.

Minimise the time spent processing documents and doing manual work

Easy setup

We make machine learning as simple as possible - available through simple JSON APIs.

Best in class AI

We use state of the art techniques to offer the best coverage on the market.

Blazingly fast

Our speed is a point of pride. Document scans complete in 1-2 seconds. Faster than most document AI APIs.

See what our customers have to say

Great Service

For any new Dinero customers the machine learning predictions will work right away, and it will be magical. Our customers love it!

Alexander Jasper

Lead AI Engineer, Dinero

Intuitive Implementation

The implementation was a breeze thanks to your documentation.

Marco Hokke

Software Developer, Visma Raet

Efficient Performance

If we want to increase our customers automation level, that is where ML Assets become extremely important.

Oliver Storm-Pallesen

Product Line Manager, e-conomic


Are you using a Visma product but you are missing Autosuggest or Smartscan capabilities? Talk to your sales contact, if you have one, and ask for Autosuggest or Smartscan. Email us at to let us know which product you have and we'll get things rolling.