Automate your workflow
with Autosuggest

Autosuggest is the simplest way to automate manual decisions you make in your transaction flows. Simplify everyday life for end-users and accounting offices, saving valuable time and increasing control. Stop guessing, and let the data do the work.

What is Autosuggest?

AutoSuggest learns the bookkeeping behaviour of our customers through an extremely simple and fully automated learning loop. Designed for learning administrative actions to take on transaction data - invoices, e-invoices or bank transactions, AutoSuggest is designed to be simple, robust and affordable. Autosuggest is currently providing automation for hundreds of thousands of Visma’s customers.

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What can Autosuggest do for you?

AutoSuggest is open ended in the tasks it can perform - but focused on automation for transaction processing. Use cases range from workflow routing and invoice handling to expense management.

Typical suggestions include (but not limited to):

Expense and service type

Bookkeeping accounts

GL accounts

Cost units

Cost centres

VAT codes

Project numbers


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How does it work?

Using AutoSuggest simplifies the data science process for teams without dedicated data science skills. All of the mechanics of the Train-Predict-Evaluate loop from typical machine learning workflows are handled through a simple streaming API. Just, stream task examples to AutoSuggest and a model will be automatically trained and continuously optimised.

Data science expertise is baked into AutoSuggest with model management, continuous evaluation testing, and baked in precision and recall metrics.

How to use Autosuggest?

Manage expenses on the fly

Set up automation so that your users can take pictures or receipts with their mobile phone, anytime and anywhere. With just a few clicks, your users can quickly register an expense with the help from automatic suggestions.

  • The user takes a photo of the receipt
  • Fields such as supplier name, date, and amount are automatically extracted with Smartscan
  • The expense type is automatically suggested with the help of Autosuggest
  • The registration is completed and sent for approval digitally!

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Effective bank reconciliation with automatic suggestions

Machine Learning can be used to assist in the bank reconciliation process. Use Autosuggest to e.g. fill out accounts for a customer based on bank transfer statements. This can provide a good degree of automation without the effort of defining and maintaining rules!

  • Offer intelligent suggestions for how the bank entries should be posted
  • Automatic suggestions for your bookkeeping, based on past actions
  • Avoid manual typing and give your users more control

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Are you using a Visma product but you are missing Autosuggest or Smartscan capabilities? Talk to your sales contact, if you have one, and ask for Autosuggest or Smartscan. Email us at to let us know which product you have and we'll get things rolling.