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Smartscan can save you hours of work every day, relieving you from manual input and admin work by automatically extracting the information you need from documents. Blazingly fast, the API has an unbeaten field support and quality for documents across all Europe.

What is Smartscan?

Smartscan is an industry leading Data Capture API for unstructured invoices and receipts, and processes more than 10 million documents per month, eliminating a lot of tedious data entry for our customers. Currently powers document recognition in systems such as eAccounting, Dinero, Visma e-conomic, PowerOffice, Visma Raet and mobile apps such as Visma Attach and Visma Employee. See below what fields we can extract from your documents.

feature image
feature image

How does it work?

Smartscan is extremely simple to use. Simply encode your digital document and use our JSON API. Results will be available immediately. The Visma ML team went to great lengths to optimise the processing time and we're proud to be one of the fastest ML solutions for Document AI in the market. Behind the scenes Smartscan is based on state of the art OCR (from Google) and a best in class modern deep learning stack - we've published several tech stories on our models.

Start with Smartscan today!

Fast automation

Get results within 1 to 2 seconds.

High quality

Potential to reach an automation rate of over 90%.

Multi-language support

Works well with all European languages.

Great field coverage

Field nameDescriptionExample
Total VATThe total VAT of the document1.29
Total including VATThe total of the document, including VAT21.50
Total excluding VATThe total of the document, excluding VAT20.21
CurrencyThree-letter currency code of the documentEUR
Supplier's country codeTwo-letter country code of the supplierDK
Supplier's organization IDNational supplier company ID (e.g. CVR in Denmark or KvK in the Netherlands)11122007
Supplier's VAT numberVAT number for the supplier's company (relevant in the EU)DK11122007
Supplier's nameName of the supplier's companyVisma e-conomic A/S
Supplier's addressAddress of the supplier's companyGærtorvet 3, 1799 København V
Document dateThe date that the document was issued2022-10-24
Document numberA number that identifies the document (document ID)012782-04
Document typeType of the document (supported - Credit note, Debit note, Invoice or Receipt)Invoice
Payment methodMethod used for the payment (e.g. Bank Transfer, Cash or Credit card)Credit card
Payment due dateThe last day that the payment has to be made2022-11-21
Last four digits of credit cardLast four digits of the credit card that was used for payment0007
Order dateThe date that the order was placed by the customer2022-10-23
Order numberNumber that identifies the customer's order20220201-1234
Customer numberNumber that identifies the customer12345
IBANIBAN codeDK50 0007 0007 1112 22
Bank account numberBank account number0002012345
Bank registration numberBank registration number (relevant in Denmark)0007
Danish payment info - typeBetalings-ID or FI kort - type+71
Danish payment info - payment IDBetalings-ID or FI kort - payment ID000000001010123
Danish payment info - creditor IDBetalings-ID or FI kort - creditor ID12345678
Swedish payment info - payment IDMärkning123456789
Swedish payment info - bankgiroBankGiro0070070
Swedish payment info - plusgiroPlusGiro41
Norwegian payment infoKundeidentifikasjon (KID)123456789
Finnish payment infoPayment ID (Viitenumero)123456789
Dutch payment infoPayment ID (Betalingskenmerk)123456789
Lines - documentText for invoice lines

See for yourself

Try Smartscan in as little as two clicks! Seeing is believing. Therefore you can demo the Smartscan API on your own documents.

Smartscan - invoice with fields

Curious about Smartscan?

It is really simple to try the Smartscan API. Just upload your document and get the scan results within seconds. Completely free of charge.

Smartscan demo

See what our customers have to say

Ease of use

We are very happy with Smartscan and the value that brings to our Visma Employee app users. By just taking a picture of a receipt with the phone, Smartscan extracts the information needed reducing manual work, typos and number of clicks. It makes the experience of registering expenses a lot quicker and more user-friendly.

Gorka Moral Inza

Service Owner, Visma Employee App

Easy Implementation

Thanks to its well-documented API and a free demo-environment, Smartscan was easy and fast to implement.

Eivind Tjore

Software Architect, PowerOffice


Are you using a Visma product but you are missing Autosuggest or Smartscan capabilities? Talk to your sales contact, if you have one, and ask for Autosuggest or Smartscan. Email us at worksmarter@visma.com to let us know which product you have and we'll get things rolling.