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Come join us at the forefront of automation. If you're new to Machine Learning Assets, check out our API documentation for key guidelines on how to make the most of our products. View our FAQ section and onboarding steps below and let us know if you have any questions.

How to onboard?

If you work for Visma, and have access to Visma's Slack, we are available for questions or support regarding Autosuggest or Smartscan, on our support slack channel #smb-vml-support.

If you have questions that our documentation does not have answers for, or if you run into what could be a bug in our systems, you can reach out to us at

Onboarding process differs for external and internal Visma customers:

Visma company

We offer self sign up with your visma e-mail, where you can set up a project from the Development Portal, staging and production:

  • Get a project token from the portal
  • Add team members who need access to the project
  • Implement and call the API in your software

External to Visma

Self sign up and access to the portal requires a Visma e-mail. To get access to the API contact us on our support email. We can provide you with a token, which you can use to access our API.

Frequently asked questions




The way we work

The Visma Machine Learning Team (ML Assets) is enrolled in Visma's certified Cloud Delivery Model (VCDM) process, as well as Visma's Application Security Program (VASP). Through these programs our work is structured to ensure stable and consistent delivery of service as well as secure and trustworthy management of customer data.

Visma Trust Centre

You can read more about Visma's compliance work on the Visma Trust Centre. Our way of working, VCDM, including the processes we use to design, develop, deliver and operate VCDM software is ISO 27001-certified. More about these frameworks here:


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